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Bits & pieces

by Kristin on August 21, 2008

in Bits & pieces

I have some updates to recent posts, just in case you’re curious. – Last month I wrote about an old friend I tried connecting with on Facebook (Facebook and the drama of new-old friends). She responded with silence. I’m happy to report that she has since sent me a note. It’s not like we’ve reestablished […]


I’ve been fretting and Twittering away about squirrels a lot lately (I’m kt_writes, if you want to follow me, and you’ll be glad to know I tweet about many other topics, too). Here are a few sample tweets, just for flavor: Back on July 29: “More tomatoes stolen, others nibbled right on the vine. So […]


I feel like a true Midwesterner this month, which is unusual for me. I am happy to claim this part of the country as home, but it’s generally difficult for me to really connect with it. If I lived in Chicago, I would feel a connection to the Great Midwestern City. And if I was […]