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A story about a meteor shower & opportunities to drop anchor in our lives.


After a true getaway, you tackle your stress with a fresh perspective.


Bits & pieces

by Kristin on August 21, 2008

in Bits & pieces

I have some updates to recent posts, just in case you’re curious. – Last month I wrote about an old friend I tried connecting with on Facebook (Facebook and the drama of new-old friends). She responded with silence. I’m happy to report that she has since sent me a note. It’s not like we’ve reestablished […]


The sense of possibility and suspense that has entered my life along with my Facebook account is, at times, almost unbearable. I just signed up (ie: caved) at Facebook less than a month ago. Each day since then I find myself marveling at the breadth of information I have access to now, and the joy […]

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