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Pray, vote, laugh

by Kristin on November 6, 2012

in Belief, doubt & hope

Finding the line between caring too much & too little on election day.


Is there really a positive way to look at and talk about divorce?


I have an overflowing plate of client work, plus an August 1 deadline (yes, that’s tomorrow) to submit a proposal for a collection of essays called Ask Me About My Divorce: Women Open Up About Moving On. So why am I writing a blog post, you ask? I’ve got some thinking out loud to do, […]


The sense of possibility and suspense that has entered my life along with my Facebook account is, at times, almost unbearable. I just signed up (ie: caved) at Facebook less than a month ago. Each day since then I find myself marveling at the breadth of information I have access to now, and the joy […]

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