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Christians Against Christians

Photo by Colin Rose Some days are really good. The kids wake up cheerful, I have time for a shower, the sun shines, my favorite table is available at the cafe, and the ideas just flow out of me faster than I could possibly process and write them down. Sometimes I even have several days […]


OK. Time to put on my Christians Against Christians T-shirt again. (In case you’re wondering, this shirt doesn’t actually exist. Yet.) I really don’t want to blog about politics—it’s not my thing. But one of my things is spreading the word that Not All Christians Are Like That, and these days it’s hard to separate […]


God, irony and rain

by Kristin on September 15, 2008

in Belief, doubt & hope

It was a delicious moment on Saturday afternoon. The house was clean. I had just posted on my blog. The kids were all out of the house for various reasons. And I was about to stretch out on the couch and read the most recent issue of The New Yorker (Sept. 15, 2008). I started […]