For Hire

Copywriting and branding

After graduating with a degree in English and Journalism in 1992, I started my writing career as a newspaper journalist. For more than a decade, now, I have been working as a copywriter—first as a writer in design firms, before starting my own business in 2002. My focus—developing a written “voice” to create a consistent tone and cohesive message for my clients—has given me opportunities to serve as a brand consultant as well as a copywriter.

In these roles, I have developed the written voice for izzy design through product brochures, showroom signage, web copy, and magazine advertisements. I worked closely with designers to create the initial brand for the online film community, writing website copy as well as ad copy, film festival signage, creative business card and letterhead concepts, blog posts, and creating audio podcasts. I collaborate with Taylor Studios to interpret and create the copy for engaging museum exhibits. I also serve as the editor of Solace Magazine, and I write regularly for a variety of publications for Washington University and the University of Illinois, from recruitment viewbooks and department brochures to feature-length articles for alumni magazines.


Teaching and speaking

I teach Copywriting seminars for Media Bistro‘s Chicago course series. The topics covered in my Copywriting Essentials course include: writing hard-working headlines and taglines; the importance of brainstorming and developing multiple concepts; what “branding” is and how to develop a written brand or voice; the ins and outs of collaborating with designers; and how a single message translates from a printed brochure to web and advertising, and even to signage, semi trucks, t-shirts, product tags and packaging. In addition to my Media Bistro courses, I have been a guest speaker in college-level marketing courses, and have custom-designed copywriting workshops for organizations.

I am also available for speaking engagements and panel discussions at churches, retreats, conferences and workshops. After the publication of my essay “Redeemed” in the book Ask Me About My Divorce: Women Open Up About Moving On, I participated in a variety of readings and discussions, in Portland (Powell’s Books), New York (KGB Bar), and Chicago (Women and Children First bookstore). Topics I’m able to speak on include (but are not limited to): divorce/co-parenting/blended families; the complexities and questions surrounding Christianity and faith; blogging and social media (Twitter); balancing (or attempting to balance) motherhood, marriage, a freelance writing business, and other interests.