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Gratitude comes in many sizes & can even shine through the cracks.


Our complete acceptance just might be putting our kids/spouse into a box.


Time is a good indicator of some aspects of true love, but not all.


School starts tomorrow, and the whole community seems to be on the verge of a collective sigh of relief. But anxieties are high, too, as they always are when our darling children are about to transition into new social and academic situations. We’re quite certain, after all, that (fill-in-the-blank) grade could be THE make or […]


Feast or famine

by Kristin on July 17, 2008

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At 6:36 Monday evening, I packed a whole lot of family fun into a single, under-140-character Tweet: “We’re parents again w all 3 home: 1 has a fever, 1 is stressed about camp homework & 1 tasted the marinade the raw chicken had been in.” Yes, all of these things happened, and they were made […]

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Somos iguales y diferentes

by Kristin on September 13, 2007

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Four years ago, when Quillin started kindergarten at the much-loved and -respected elementary school in our neighborhood, I was very happy about the ethnic mix in her classroom. Her teacher and a half dozen of the students were African American, another eight or so children were Spanish-speaking Latinos, and the rest were a mix of […]


I like to think the word “snob” doesn’t apply to me at all, but I’ve come to accept that I’m a snob about at least two things in life: coffee and lakes. I have no defense for the first snobbery—I just like my coffee extra strong, dark, and fresh, and if it’s not that way, […]


I seem to have a thing for problem cities. When I was a kid, growing up in Michigan in the 1970s and 80s, the most exciting weekend family plans involved going to Detroit, where my dad was born. Detroit was exciting and fascinating on every level. It was huge, full of things to do, and […]


For a short while this weekend, a bright red Ford Expedition was parked in the driveway next to my silver Toyota Prius. It didn’t go by unnoticed, especially in our liberal, tree-hugging neighborhood. Jason’s line became “We’re trying a new kind of carbon offsetting, to make up for driving a Prius for so long.” Mine […]


Today is the last day of sleepover camp for my stepdaughter Havah, and Quillin, my oldest daughter. It’s her first time away from home like this. Jason and I dropped the girls off at Mennohaven camp in Tiskilwa, Illinois, last Sunday, and today I’m catching a ride with R and her partner B to help […]