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God & church, hope & doubt

There’s a lot less disdain for faith (& more complexity) than I thought.


Photo by Ryan Last night we celebrated Christmas with our three girls. Then I cried. Well, it didn’t happen quite like that. We opened presents, ate a scrumptious lasagna dinner, and played with the new Wii together. Then the girls snuggled in sleeping bags to sleep next to the tree, while Jason and I snuck […]


I have an overflowing plate of client work, plus an August 1 deadline (yes, that’s tomorrow) to submit a proposal for a collection of essays called Ask Me About My Divorce: Women Open Up About Moving On. So why am I writing a blog post, you ask? I’ve got some thinking out loud to do, […]


One summer day two years ago, at a cafe and used bookstore in northern Michigan, my pastor and his wife stumbled upon a book that changed them, and later changed me. They discovered it among a pile of books at the table where they sat down with their coffees. The book is called A Tree […]


Two years ago today I moved into my house. I’m a big fan of marking important events other than just birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It’s a way to remind yourself of blessings, and an opportunity to share them with others. The best celebrations involve a deliberate remembering process—of where you were in your life before […]


The other day, when my friend Nathan complimented my bike, Jason said “Isn’t it great? It’s one of the things about Kristin that made me even more smitten. Just look at her on that bike!” My bike was one of my prize possessions even before I learned how it played a role in winning my […]


During S’s bedtime prayer last night, Jason thanked God for, among other things, our community. After his “amen,” Miss Always Full of Questions (especially at bedtime) asked “What is that one thing you said, community?” Maybe it’s the writer and word-lover in me, but this is one of my favorite things about parenting—being asked to […]


I’ve always wanted to write about my faith, but it’s by far the biggest, scariest writing challenge for me. I’m at a tricky place: I can honestly say every aspect of my life is interwoven with my faith and belief system, yet at the same time, I am adverse to most things labeled or thought […]

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