Where I Am

by Kristin on January 23, 2015

in Love, family & community

What am I doing with Halfway to Normal?

That’s a good question, seeing as how I last posted in August! I keep waiting for some clarity on my “plans,” but there often comes a time when our desire for clarity must be abandoned (at least for now).

There are some things I do know:

- Over the course of 2014, blogging became a burden rather than a joy, both because of stress in my life and because of changing dynamics I sensed in the blogging culture (a competitive stance with more focus on debating issues and taking sides).

- I miss my readers and the community here, and I have felt guilty about “boarding the place up” without explanation.

- I devoted a week spent at the Glen Workshop last August to renewing a pure love for writing—apart from audience, stats, book proposals, and other types of external affirmation and pressures. And it worked! Writing is fun again! It feels like a craft drawn equally from the heart and mind, rather than words emerging from the stress in my shoulders.

- And while I was at the Glen, I was able to plant the seed for a new project I’ve been dreaming about for a while: A collaborative blog. Six of us began planning the concept while we were still in Santa Fe together, then continued the plans long-distance. You Are Here, a blog that “gives voice to a universal quest to find out place in the world” was launched in October 2014.


- At the time, I mostly just wanted to be able to write and post without having the sole responsibility (and stress) of populating a blog. But so many more important benefits have emerged: Writing less often allows me to write more thoughtfully—to craft stories. Writing within the context of a writers’ community means we have a built-in group of people available to give feedback on drafts before they’re posted. And having a blog that accepts guest submissions creates new connections and broadens the scope of stories and experiences.

So what does all of that mean for Halfway to Normal? For now, I’m not sure, but I’m definitely not ready to shut this place down for good! I just hope you will read what I’ve been writing at You Are Here (and, of course, read the wonderful pieces others have been writing!), like our Facebook page, and consider submitting your own stories.

Most importantly, please know how much I have valued your friendship, readership, feedback, and support here at Halfway to Normal. Stay in touch!

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  • Debbie Detten Huff

    I’ve missed you, Kristin!!! :)

    It was such a lovely surprise to find your blogpost tucked in my reader just now. So glad you are listening well and taking good care. Grinning because I’ve already added your new blog to my reader and liked it on FB, too. I look forward to reading your posts from over there (and discovering new folks along the way, too). <3

    • kt_writes

      Thank you, Debbie! That means a lot—all of it.

  • http://www.jenx67.com/ Jennifer

    We have been at this thing way too long. Your new adventure with the six contributors looks great. I love the masthead.