8 Glimpses of Advent

by Kristin on December 16, 2012

in Belief, doubt & hope

Last year during Advent I participated in an Instagram photo project (#adventpicaday) and shared some of the photos I took here, in place of my traditional wordy posts. I decided to participate again this year because, as I wrote in a recent post, “Looking for Advent each day, in the world around me, was an incredibly meaningful experience….”

I also said that really seeing is very challenging. It can be—especially for someone who usually relies on words. But using images to describe how you feel and what you long for can also be easier than words. I’m especially feeling that way right now, following Friday’s shooting at an elementary school in Newton, CT. I’m grateful to have these images to share—of grey and gloom, hope and light—when words are lacking.


Beginning the journey…




Lights in a grey world.


Holidays, recycled.


Through the gloom…


Waiting to see…


Peace at home.


A day of pain, and the world goes on (12/14/12)


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  • http://twitter.com/erinblueburke Erin Burke

    Such great pictures. Sometimes words don’t seem right.
    I especially love the through the gloom one.

    • kt_writes

      Thank you, Erin. I love the way images can gather together so many conflicting emotions…

  • Ron Simkins

    Thanks Kristin. Great images. I especially relate to the need for light in the grey world of Illinois winters. And, thank God, there is light that is stronger than the darkness.