This is how we met

by Kristin on February 23, 2012

in Love, family & community

Every love story starts out the same: two people meet. There’s a dizzying array of possibilities after that.

My blogging and Twitter friend Hopeful Leigh came up with the idea to organize a blog series during the month of February, populated with “how we met” stories. I not only love the idea because I love hearing people’s stories, but I also love Leigh’s personal reasons for running a series about love:

I’ve hated Valentine’s Day for a long time. It’s a cliche, I know. The single girl hating the Hallmark holiday…. Something about Valentine’s Day makes me feel like friends and family aren’t enough compared to Mr. Right…. I don’t want to go down that tired road again this year.

My story about meeting Jason is up on Leigh’s blog today. It’s a story I never grow tired of sharing because it’s a story about love and redemption breaking through hopelessness and hurt. Here’s a little excerpt from my post—you’ll have to head over to Leigh’s blog to read the rest. :)


…If you mix all those factors together and give them a good shake (squeezing in a few extra hopes along the way), you get a singles ad that reads something like this: “Thirty-something woman with two young children seeks tall, dark, handsome, thirty-something man who loves kids, dreams of having an instant family, goes to church, is serious about his faith, never voted for George Bush, knows how to have fun on a Saturday night, and is generally a social, successful, hip, big-city type who is perfectly happy to remain in a small Midwestern town for the next 10+ years.”

Now you begin to grasp my hopelessness.


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  • Kristy

    Loved this story. Thanks for sharing!!