What Advent looks like: 10 more glimpses

by Kristin on December 23, 2011

in Belief, doubt & hope

What does Advent look like? I used to think there was a fairly predictable answer to that question, but when I began to be a bit more watchful and open, I began to see Advent in new ways—many of them full of contrast. Dark and light. Gloom and glow.  Sorrow and hope. Many of the scenes also prompted me to take these new perspectives and look inside myself in a new way. A couple weeks ago I published seven early Advent scenes. Here’s what I’ve been noticing as Advent draws closer to Christmas:

Light, framed


Cold meets the sun


Hope meets gloom


The sunlight wins


Blue sky through frost




How waiting feels


Bare, but very much alive




Empty manger

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  • http://themoderngal.com The Modern Gal

    Great photos! I’ve really enjoyed your perspective on Advent this year. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • http://ordinarilyextraordinary.com/ Amy Nabors

    Beautiful photos! Have enjoyed seeing your photos this month.

  • http://www.alise-write.com Alise

    Oh, the empty manger photo caught me off guard. I’ve never experienced that feeling, but I have friends that have and I had never thought about how this season that centers around a birth might make them feel.

    Love these perspectives. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • http://takingtheyoke.blogspot.com Ray Hollenbach

    “How Waiting Feels” ~ Superlative. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Sarah

    Merry Christmas, my friend! May you and yours experience the light and hope and grace of this time.

  • http://www.nicoleunice.com Nicole

    I really love this post, Kristin. Thanks for sharing your perspective through photos…this might be the first thing I’ve actually seen online that’s getting me ready for Christmas! Peace to you and your family…..

  • http://www.halfwaytonormal.com Kristin T.

    The Modern Gal, thanks for taking the journey with me this Advent. Happy New Year to you!

    Amy, I’m so glad! As someone who usually communicates primarily through words, it’s been a good creative and spiritual challenge for me.

    Alise, there’s sort of a funny story behind that nativity scene. At some point several years ago my parents’ dog got a hold of baby Jesus and chewed on him. My mom was, of course, horrified and upset, but loves that nativity too much to retire it. She started leaving baby Jesus out of it until Christmas—I think mostly so she wouldn’t have to look at it and get mad at the dog all over again. But the whole thing has definitely had a symbolic/poetic effect as well.

    Ray, it’s pretty special when life lets us capture and communicate a feeling we all know, isn’t it?

    Sarah, it’s so good to hear from you here! Many blessings to you and yours in the new year.

    Nicole, I love that through blogging we can shape our own experiences AND share them with others. Thank you for all you do to inspire so many of us, too!