by Kristin on April 1, 2011

in five-minute-friday

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “A few of my favorite things…” These prompts come from The Gypsy Mama, and the point is to set your heart and mind free for five straight minutes of writing—no over-thinking or editing allowed. When you consider how much deliberate, careful communicating we do all week, setting ourselves free for a few minutes is the least we can do to reward our weary minds.


There was a time in my life when the prompt “My favorite things…” would have led me to foods, places and objects—strawberry shortcake made with biscuits and real whipped cream, my mom’s lasagna, new shoes, going to Lake Michigan.

But something shifted in my life. I began to think of my favorite things more as moments and experiences that make me feel most at home in myself—most like the me I was meant to be. Maybe this is what it means to grow up?

So my favorite things are not really things. They are moments spent sitting on my front porch in the spring, writing a blog post that uncovers something deep and important inside. They are walks after dinner in the summer, with the whole family, lots of chatter from the girls and neighbors to say hello to, a small hand reaching out to find and swing mine, an excited pup zig-zagging to catch every scent. They are evenings with Jason in our kitchen, talking about our day, mixing up a drink, sharing the task of cooking up some delicious meal that we will then sit down and enjoy together, amazed all over again that our crazy lives led us to one another.

Things, as it turns out, can be special—they can represent something important and true. But they don’t complete who I am.

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  • thefarmerfiles

    This post resonates with me. Some of my favorite things are words. You can’t see them, but they are so integral to who I am. Moments are my favorite things, too.Moments that come in an instant and are gone in the next. Mmmm…yum.

  • Jennifer

    “The me I was meant to be…” love that line, and it symbolizes so much growth and reshaping and thought and trial and mess, and beauty. And, as I reconnect with you, I find that the me you were meant to be is pretty stinking great! xo

  • Diana Trautwein

    Simply put – I LOVE this post. Thank you for your unfailingly wise and honest words. This is lovely and I’m grateful to have found it.

  • Jen

    Beautiful. :) And so true! I find that when it comes to “things,” sometimes what makes our favorites so special isn’t the thing itself, but the moments and people that go with them, if that makes sense. But yes, amazing how our perspectives change, isn’t it?

    Great post! Love how you get straight to the heart of it in just five minutes!

  • Julie Anne

    my list was mostly a list of things, but I really like your list, too!!

  • Kristin T.

    thefarmerfiles, yes, words are wonderful things you can’t display on a shelf, and I love the way you describe the fleeting nature of moments…

    Jennifer, how is it that we lose track of our true selves? It seems to happen so quickly and undercover, without us noticing. The rediscovery is fun, though, and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

    Diana, thank you for letting me know that the stuff I’m uncovering has broader meaning. :)

    Jen, yes! Very true–at least for me. The thing is special because it reminds me of a moment, a person, a feeling.

    Julie Anne, thank you! I will have to check out your post. A list of favorite things can be like a self portrait.