by Kristin on March 25, 2011

in five-minute-friday

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt, from The Gypsy Mama, is “Waking up…” In case you’ve missed the explanation the past few Fridays, this is a writing exercise that involves writing on a topic for five minutes flat, without editing or worrying or perfecting. Even if you don’t have a blog, I think you should give it a try! It’s so interesting to see where your mind and words take you. Ready? Go!


The moment of waking up is such a confusing, disorienting one. My brain feels thick as I try to sort out what belongs in my dream world of sleep and what belongs in the reality of the moment. What day is it? What am I worried about? What important things do I have to tackle? Did that conversation or event really take place yesterday, or was that in my dream?

At the moment of waking up, it seems like anything and everything is possible. The day is a blank slate, my mood is a blank slate, I can choose to believe what I want, to pursue what I want, and to take on the attitude and emotions I want. Unfortunately, though, I am usually too groggy and disoriented to think that all through and make good choices. I let the day apply itself to me rather than taking the day by the horns. I am a sponge waiting to soak up whatever hits me first.

In some ways, though, waking up after a night of sleep is a lot like waking up to a realization or idea—this moment of swirling ideas and vague understanding, crystallizing into something sharp, a moment of recognition. It’s important to lie there, to be limp and willing, in order for the swirling to stop and come into focus as something you can carry with you through the day.

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  • Erin@weelittlemiracles

    Popping over from Gypsy Mama. I love what you said about the swirling ideas crystallizing into something sharp. So often new insights in life feel that way–like muddling through a groggy fog and awakening to understanding. Beautiful thoughts. So glad to have read this!

  • ThatGuyKC

    Wow, I like the 5 minute idea. Gonna have to try that sometime.

  • Jenny

    Visiting from the Gypsy Mama’s FMF!

    “I let the day apply itself to me rather than taking the day by the horns.” More often than not, I am guilty of that myself. Letting the situation determine my attitude rather than my attitude being positive despite the situation. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

  • thefarmerfiles

    Visiting from 5min Fridays. The only time I wake frustrated is when I cannot sort out what is reality and what was a dream. I like what you wrote, “limp and willing.” I can see this in my head.

  • Kristin T.

    Erin, I love how you added to my thoughts with this: “…muddling through a groggy fog and awakening to understanding…” Beautiful!

    ThatGuyKC, you should definitely give it a try—even if you’re the only guy linking up at Gypsy Mama’s blog! I’d love to see you there. There is nothing “girls only” about the concept or the topics. (At least I haven’t seen a girls-only topic yet!)

    Jenny, thanks for stopping by! Half the battle is just realizing we have control over much more of our day-to-day lives than we think—our responses, if not the circumstances.

    thefarmerflies, later in the morning I often find myself wondering if a thought in my head was part of a dream or something I heard on NPR (we use the radio as our alarm). It’s a very disorienting feeling!

  • Kurt

    Hey! I was going through Jen’s recent writings/blogs and I saw the “Five Minute Friday” work. Then I followed the link and found yours! Yay! No wonder she counts you as a friend. You are BRILLIANT!

    I am a sponge waiting to soak up whatever hits me first.

    Love that image and thought. How many times have I barked at my kids/wife in the morning due to nothing other than my first experience before talking to another human being was unpleasant?. (no coffee, whack toe on doorjam, etc.)

    You two have convicted me to be more intentional with my mornings! (Darn it…) :)