by Kristin on February 25, 2011

in five-minute-friday

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There’s not much I don’t love about Fridays, but I’ve always found them tricky from a blogging perspective. Sometimes I write posts that feel too serious and weighty for a day that’s supposed to be fun. Other times the posts I write seem too long for end-of-the-week attention spans. Lately, more often than not, I end up not posting anything at all on Friday. I’m either too busy trying to finish up the week’s client work or I’m too burnt out from getting through the week.

Today, I was inspired to try something my blogger friend Suzannah does: Five Minute Friday. The idea comes from Gypsy Mama, and involves throwing “caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds” and just writing your heart out on a provided topic—for five minutes, flat. This could be the solution to my Friday blogging issues, eh? I’ve decided to give it a try. Today’s prompt from Gypsy Mama is “five years ago.” Here I go!


Five years ago I was in a new relationship, driving up to Chicago with this man who made my head spin and knees weak and heart constrict and feel expansive all at once. I still could hardly believe he existed.

It was our first getaway together—we had tickets to hear a couple of bands we liked play at the Empty Bottle. You know that moment, when you not only know in your heart something is serious, but you’re also acting on it—acknowledging it? It was that moment.

It would have been completely exhilarating, but I was sort of miffed at myself. Not long before that I had pretty much given up on love—at least real love, the kind that would lead to any sort of meaningful, grow-old-together relationship. I had been divorced, I had dated various people and been entangled in that necessary post-divorce relationship (and then untangled). I was sure I would never marry again. Hadn’t I learned my lesson?

I had also given up on God not long before that. I still believed in him, I guess, but I wasn’t sure what he wanted from me, or where he was taking me. I felt like I had trusted him and been let down, so I wasn’t going to expose myself again to that.

But the past few months, everything had been starting to shift around me. I began to feel like maybe I could trust Love again—open myself up and travel along that road, with guidance from God and a companion at my side.


1) That was hard! Five minutes go by in a flash!
2) Jason and I got married a year and a half later.
3) Yesterday we drove up to Chicago to hear a favorite band play at the Empty Bottle. Until I saw Gypsy Mama’s prompt and asked myself what I was doing in 2006, I didn’t realize we were mirroring that first trip, five years later almost to the day!

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  • The Modern Gal

    Great post! I know that moment quite well.

  • Robin

    Now, was that fair? :) 5 minutes?
    I really would like to hear more of that wonderful story. I like reading your words, they can bring me right back into the memory of something very similar.
    I love when a good writer prompts me to think about my own story.
    Thank you kindly Kristen.

  • Jen

    I love this idea! Prompts and timer writing help just get things out sometimes… great post. Think I’ll check out her blog and give this a try some Friday. :)

  • Kristin T.

    The Modern Gal, I’m sure you do know that moment. :) When’s the wedding, again?

    Robin, are you doubting how much I can write in five minutes?!? When you write for a living, for nearly 20 years, you get pretty fast. :) So when was it that you found yourself in that shifting-of-love moment? I’d love to hear the full story, and I can tell you more of mine!

    Jen, it’s a great idea, isn’t it? Setting the timer is nerve-wracking, but such a good exercise. You should definitely join in the fun.

  • Renee

    Love this post! Very…hopeful :)

    This whole 5-minute thing is a lot harder than it looks, isn’t it! I am really enjoying, it though. It feels so liberating somehow. Have a great weekend!

  • suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}

    i just love this prompt. how incredible to look back and trace a trajectory of grace–and i love that five years found you at the very same concert venue!

    i want to know more, too. the really important stuff. what bands did you see? ;)

    thanks for the link. i like this link up because a quick portrait is sometimes all i have in me:)

  • bonnie

    that was great! wonderful writing with no editing, and a wonderful moment to share. I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks now, and this is one of my faves. It felt free.

  • David | Listen Feel Breathe

    5 min Friday- that’s a clever idea- it’s the concept of free writing- great for breaking through those writer’s blocks… though you got to write/ type fast definitely because 5 mins is over in a flash.

    Thanks for the idea, Kirstin.

    glad to hear you didn’t completely give up on God or Love

  • Kristin T.

    Renee, yes—hopeful! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be sure to check out your 5-minute post some Friday.

    suzannah, I counted back five years while my husband and I were driving home from Chicago, and I could hardly believe the serendipity of it all! And since you’re curious, five years ago we saw Archer Prewitt and The M’s, and last week we saw the Dum Dum Girls. :) Both shows were great. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to the Five Minute Friday concept—I’m so glad I discovered your blog!

    David, yes, you do have to write/type fast. I spent some time thinking about my post before I sat down at the computer and started the timer. That helped a lot—I knew generally what I wanted to say, and had a basic outline in mind. I don’t know if that’s cheating, but it was still a nice, quick way to push some thoughts out onto the page. You should give it a try!