Snapshots of a Portland vacation

by Kristin on June 26, 2009

in Love, family & community

Sunday, June 2—Urbana, Indianapolis and Denver

4:12 pm: on our way to the airport. first time I’ve felt somewhat relaxed all day. or maybe in several days.

8:29 pm apparently some paint is peeling on the plane’s nose. sunburn maybe? all I know is the little girl behind me better stop kicking my seat.

9:00 pm we’ve been sitting on this not-flying plane for 1.5 hrs so far. that’s only half as long as I sat on the tarmac trying to get to NY last Aug

Monday, June 22—Denver and Portland

8:14 am this freaking hotel is a full 30 min from the airport. but Frontier did pay & the hotel was nice. (see? I can be silver lining girl)

12:47 pm in Portland, about to see my bro who is here to pick us up. so grateful today has *worked*.

2:23 pm yummy sandwiches at bro’s house, now heading downtown to meet co-authors for coffee then dinner, then the reading! excited & nervous.

9:52 pm reading a success! good crowd, including @heathra. now at the Slow Bar having a bison grass martini & a slow burger.

Tuesday, June 23—Portland

9:49 am my bro’s dog Henry is so similar to Maeve. it simultaneously makes me miss her and feel like we brought her along.

11:51 am happy to have some computer time & great coffee at the Fresh Pot in Portland. also happy to not be in Urbana, where it’s currently 90 deg.

7:39 pm we returned to Powell’s, this time so I could really browse. we bought an ridiculous number of books for $100. LOVE Powell’s.

7:51 pm wondering how long we should be willing to wait in line for a table at Pok Pok. it smells heavenly.

Wednesday, June 24—Portland

9:44 am getting ready to head to the coast for the day. when I’m on vacation, I feel bad about neglecting all my twitter & blog friends. sorry!

1:26 pm we were just blown down Cannon Beach. a magnificent and miserable experience all at once.

2:48 pm yummy burritos in Manzanita. the rain I could do without.

7:51 pm feeling absolutely sick about not being able to change our flight to get back in time for S’s performance. Frontier sucks.

7:54 pm on a happier note, the sun is shining back in Portland and we’re on our way to see @heathra’s new house!

9:19 pm we are just now deciding what to cook for dinner. trying not to think about the fact that it’s 11 pm back home.

Thursday, June 25—Portland

9:20 am it’s our last full day of vacation. why is it so hard for me to just accept what is and fully enjoy myself? gah.

10:10 am today’s coffee date in Portland is with my childhood BFF’s close friend from when SHE lived in Portland. it’s very cool & bizarre, eh?

1:53 pm just had yet another fabulous conversation w someone who was a complete stranger yesterday. the world is small and so full of good people.

1:55 pm also just talked to S after her 1st of 3 performances. her dad said she was fantastic. she says she wasn’t nervous. I say I miss her so.

2:37 pm heading downtown to meet my bro for a late lunch. still can’t believe it’s sweater weather here. loving it.

~3:30 pm I will forever associate Portland’s food cart culture w Michael Jackson. I was waiting for my curry when I found out.

~7:15 pm great conversation over happy hour at Urban Farmer with my very fave aunt. now to Por Que No? for tacos with a fun cousin & her boyfriend.

~10:00 pm now karaoke w @bill_of_lading and @heathra. what to sing? Journey?

~11:15 pm B just sang a very dramatic rendition of Major Tom, followed by J singing Mrs Robinson. so fun.

Friday, June 26—Portland

~2:00 am man, my sleeping schedule is going to be so messed up when we get home (where, incidentally, it’s almost 4 am right now).

~9:45 am OK, the food in Portland is officially off the hook. now at Moxie Rx, a neighborhood breakfast “cart.” I’m nearly speechless w yum.

~10:30 am it’s time to pack up for the airport. I’m having that bittersweet “sorta-ready-to-go-home, sorta-not” feeling.

~12:15 pm all packed. as usual, I only wore half of what I brought. didn’t touch my skirts. a wool sweater & closed toe shoes would have been nice.

~12:30 pm taking a lot out of Portland that didn’t come in w us: a dozen books, dog toys, t-shirts, Stumptown coffee beans, dog hair, sand.

~1:00 pm I’m glad I have such a fabulous brother, but it would be much easier to say goodbye if he was really lame.

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  • Daisy

    Sounds like a great trip! I love your ability to see the silver lining.
    You’ve been tagged. If you’re interested, look here for details.

  • Rhonda

    Great pics and rundown of your time there. So glad you and Ellen were able to meet! Bill looks really good and happy, but he DOES live in my beloved city…safe travels home, my dear.

  • Cobalt-Blue

    I, too, have a ‘fabulous, not lame’ sibling who lives a distance away from me. Glad you got to spend time with your brother on your exciting book adventure! Cool pictures : )

  • Jeb

    Thank you for a wonderful window, I enjoyed peering through and watching you enjoy life. Nice to see you again. :)

  • Carmen

    What a wonderful log!

  • Trina

    Ya know Kristen, it is amazing to see how tweets can really be so connected and reflective of ones experiences. (a huge part of that owing to your authenticity) I remember seeing most of those, they come together so nicely when presented in this way.

  • Tracy

    Sounds like you had a blast! I’ve always wanted to go to the Portland, now I really want to go.

  • Elaine Tolsma-Harlow

    It was great enjoying your vacation vicariously through this blog (& I didn’t even need to sit on a plane). The world is surprisingly small & I have enjoyed discovering the kindness of many strangers. I think I may need to add Portland on my “places I wish to visit list”. Welcome home.

  • Kristin T.

    Daisy, I’ve never really thought of myself as someone who sees the silver lining, but I’m trying to get better at it! I’m still catching up on all things involving my computer, but I will definitely have to see what I’ve been tagged for. :)

    Rhonda, one of my favorite things about visiting Portland is hanging out with the natives. :) It makes for a completely different sort of vacation—one that’s less touristy and more conversation- and people-centric. I was so happy to have your dear friend be a part of my experience!

    Cobalt-Blue, yes, those fabulous siblings should really live much closer to us, shouldn’t they? It’s hard to sell Central Illinois to someone who lives in Portland, though.

    Jeb, I’m glad I had an opportunity to include more visuals than usual with my words, and give you all that window. I love how powerful words and images are together (and you, my friend, are the master of that!). :)

    Carmen, thanks! It was a really fun trip. (Can’t wait to live-tweet your wedding!)

    Trina, I’m always amazed by how a series of tweets read, when strung together. Each one is written as an individual nugget—a micro-story—but together they can create something really full and expansive.

    Tracy, I highly recommend it. I love any place that has amazing food without the cost or the pretense.

    Elaine, yes, avoiding the time spent on a plane that isn’t going anywhere is a good thing! As I said to Tracy, YES, you should go to Portland. The coast is so gorgeous and interesting, too. We’re making plans to take the girls next summer on a trip from Seattle down to San Francisco, with a good visit to Portland in the middle.

  • Etienne Celibataire

    I never thought of Portland as a travel destination, but you guys convinced me. my next trip will be there!

  • The Modern Gal

    ‘the world is small and so full of good people.’ Love that.

    I’ve always had a crush on Portland, though I’ve never been. Everything I’ve heard about it just makes me know I would love it.

  • Elaine Tolsma-Harlow

    Seattle is the place that saved my life & for that I have a great affinity to that city. It is a wonderful place to start a journey with very cool beaches, yummy restaurants and top notch hospitals (try to avoid those). Plan on that trip!!

  • Sugar Jones

    What a lovely trip! I remember when the Moxie RX tweet came through. Jeez, am I always on the computer? Maybe I need to unplug and head up to Portland!

  • Kristin T.

    Etienne, I’m beginning to think the Portland travel bureau should hand over some commission!

    The Modern Gal, yes, Portland is easy to have a crush on. I’m one of the few people who wouldn’t actually want to live there, but I’d love an annual visit. If you ever make it out there, make sure to look up my brother for advice on all the best places to go!

    Elaine, we will do our best to avoid the hospitals of Seattle, but I will definitely be thinking about you while I’m there. I think I will always associate that city with you. :)

    Sugar Jones, yes, head up to Portland. Make it a mother-daughter trip! (I had to laugh, I saw your “lovely trip” comment here late last night, right after I finished writing about all the frustrations tied to our vacation, and posting the photo of the cold, miserable beach. But it WAS a lovely trip. You’re right!)