25 things start with 25 questions (from you)

by Kristin on January 30, 2009

in Culture, ideas & paradigms

Photo by Prakhar Amba

The past two weeks, as the focus of Chuck Westbrook’s Under-appreciated Blog Project, have been really amazing. I’ve met many new colleagues and friends who have commented here and found me on Twitter. You’ve all engaged me in many new conversations and ideas, and I’ve seen my blog begin to become the kind of interactive community I’ve always hoped it would be.

I love the feedback and compliments, of course, but what I love even more is when you push me to think, and when you add richness and texture to my stories with your own stories. The back-and-forth interaction has made me wish, many times, that I could sit down and have a cup of coffee and real conversation with each of you.

In the spirit of that wish, I’d like to try something I’ve never done here (although other bloggers have certainly done it). I’d like to invite your questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them in a post this weekend.

What would you ask me if we sat down to have coffee together (or tea, if you prefer)?

You can ask what I learned about love and marriage through divorce, or about my greatest parenting challenges. You might want to know what I like on my pizza, or where my daughter’s names came from, or how I define a perfect Saturday morning. Or go ahead and ask how I deal with certain messy issues in light of my beliefs and faith, or what I like least about myself.

I’ll do my best to answer as honestly as I can, trusting that being real and open with you will reap great rewards as we all feel more open to being real. You can leave your questions here, as comments to this post, or can email them to me or DM me on Twitter.

But here’s the challenge to you. I’ve been tagged so many times on Facebook for the 25 Things meme, that I’ve lost count. As I was thinking about opening myself to your questions, I had the idea of asking for 25 questions. My answers will become my 25 Things list. (I know—I’m being both sneaky and lazy, eh?)

Think it’s possible? Am I crazy to think that 25 of you are really interested in knowing something about me? I guess I’ll find out.

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  • Lorna

    I almost jumped right in before your twitter reply…so now that you’ve laid down the gauntlet I will be first anyway!

    Have you ever taken family vacations anywhere besides Michigan? Has the whole family been out to see Bill? (that doesn’t count as 2 questions by the way!)

    Ok, your turn.

  • dennis mc nulty

    my question: of the 255 “friends” listed for you on facebook, how many/what percentage are actually friends?

    connected to this question is my curiosity about your attitudes towards facebook etiquette; especially with the ny times article i posted on your facebook page, give us your views (perfect example: is it bad form for me to just willy-nilly post something on someone’s page). love to you, the man, and the girls

  • http://www.jenx67.com jenx67

    If you could tell the entire world a story about Jesus what would the story be? You have 3 minutes. Go.

  • http://www.jenx67.com jenx67

    oh, and yes, where did the daughters’ names come from. I didn’t know if they were pen names for the Internet or??

  • http://artofthefirebird.com Julia

    If you could have three wishes granted, the first one for the world, the second one just for your family, and the third one just for yourself, what would they be?

  • Natalie Hart

    What was the first music you bought for yourself with your own money? (In case you’re too embarrassed to admit yours, mine was the soundtrack to Xanadu).

  • Natalie Hart

    Explain the genesis of a scar (physical) you still have from childhood/teenagedom.

  • cpond

    When did you first begin to write? Prose and such, not your ABCs. :)

  • http://thedailyburns.com Jenn B

    totally cheating! (on the facebook 25 things). i spent 45 stupid minutes on mine…i’m not helping you cheat. ;) lol.

  • http://compostermom.blogspot.com Daisy

    If we sat down for coffee, I think we’d have a great time talking! Oh, wait, you wanted questions. Creme or sugar? Regular or Decaf? Straight up or latte?

  • http://themoderngal.blogspot.com The Modern Gal

    Ok, I’ll ask a heavier question … what do you find to be your most surprising lesson about love after all you’ve been through?

  • http://cjw666.wordpress.com CJ

    OK, if you insist … how about a big question then? Your faith. Why do you feel the need for a faith at all? I’m agnostic (to make light of it), but I’m interested to know how you feel and, more importantly, why?

    Oh, and if you really want to know – coffee – strong and black (one sugar please) :)

  • Anne

    Would love to sit for a cup of coffee-

    I would ask about freelancing and your work/home balance. Does it get easier as your kids get older? How do you “turn off work” at the end of the day? What advice do you have for other freelancers – what lessons have you learned.

  • http://blog.lifeconcoctions.com LeslieB

    What’s your all-time favorite song, and why is it your favorite?

  • http://www.halfwaytonormal.com/ Kristin T.

    Wow. You guys are great. Part of me is thinking “this is SO much fun” and another part of me is thinking “what on earth have I gotten myself into?!?”

    I’m loving the questions, though, especially the variety. But answering them is NOT going to be easy (which makes me think I’m not really cheating, which makes me think Jenn B needs to get back over here and ask a question! :) I’ll start mulling these over while I wait for the other 10+ questions to roll in.

  • Cobalt-Blue

    Just wondering why no mention of pets, especially a dog, considering that you work at home (when not at the cafe : ), have side walks in the neighborhood for walking, and a big, fenced-in back yard for keeping the dog safe. The lessons in responsibility and caring for animals that a dog brings are priceless for children, not to mention the loyal, companionship, too. Is there a dog in your future and if not, what are your past experiences with pets?

  • Becky

    What do you most regret in your life? xx b

  • http://jodyrae4msu@yahoo.com Jody Wells

    This is a very intersting way to go about this……Very creative. It took me an hour to do my 25 random things and then I ended up with 38! Anyway, if you had only one wish what would it be?

  • Elaine Tolsma-Harlow

    What is the best present you ever received & ever given?

    My coffee is non fat latte w/whip cream (kind of an oxymoron I know). But lately I’ve been drinking tea & a lot of it and I can’t wait to share a real one in real time.

  • Nancy Pagaduan

    When your daughters ask you “What does it mean to be in love?” – how will you/do you/did you answer?

  • Nick B

    In an online world where so much is virtual and even many of your friends you’ve never met, how do you decide who is the authentic you, and how do you nourish that self?

    (Oh, did you want easy questions? What color was your first bike? :-)

  • http://http//transformativeliving.wordpress.com leona

    Serious question first; what do you say when your children or a dear friend asks “what do YOU think I should do?”

    Lite’n Easy: What’s your favourite magazine?

  • http://www.travelinlocal.com LisaNewton

    I might be a little late, but I loved your porch post, and it got me to thinking. If you could spend an hour doing anything you wanted, something for you, what would you do?

  • Jason

    How has your experience with social media (twitter, facebook, blogging, etc..) changed your understanding of community? And special bonus question, why do you look so good from behind?

  • http://www.halfwaytonormal.com/ Kristin T.

    I’m having a good chuckle here, over that so-called “bonus question.” (If anyone’s concerned, Jason is the only one who’s allowed to ask such a question, seeing as how he’s my husband.)

    So, on that fine note, I have 25 questions to work with (counting one that was left for me on Facebook). Thanks everyone, for jumping in with the great questions!

  • Brent Couzens-Schultz

    OK – I’m totally late, but I was wondering what are your favorite and least favorite things about growing up in a small midwestern town like St. Johns?

  • http://transformativeliving.wordpress.com Leona

    Whoops sorry techno-typo glitch re my blog address in my previous post…leona with a big L will get you there – blogging on about things that matter to me in the personal development realm and other stuff. Thanks Kirstie for letting me know the link wasn’t working. I love your answer to my question – it speaks to living in congruence with our values and following one’s heart. Kids really take to checking in with what their body knows but if you are curious a simple yet profound technique called Focusing (www.focusing.org) can teach them how to stay self-connected and self-trusting for life.

  • http://transformativeliving.wordpress.com Leona

    2nd whoops – apologies for writing Kirstie instead of Kristin – that will teach me for blogging at 6.30am before the coffee cup is empty and the caffeine has filtered through my system, or done my yoga, or had my morning sit. Is blogging addictive?

  • http://frizzytalksinhersleep.blogspot.com Roxanne

    On what side of the bed do you sleep?

    What is the first thing you consume when you wake up in the mornings?

    How many pillows do you sleep with/upon?

    I could go on …. because I belief the most mundane details of life really tell the story.