Chocolate air, Dancing Queen & other Chicago stories

by Kristin on December 5, 2008

in Culture, ideas & paradigms

Here are the tweets (micro-blog posts of 140 characters or less) I wrote between yesterday at 3 p.m., when Jason and I got on the road to Chicago, and today at 3 p.m., when we returned to our much smaller and less chilly town.

One of the reasons I like Twitter is it offers a writer’s equivalent of an artist’s quick pencil sketch—the essence of the story or scene. Another thing I like about Twitter is the interaction it invites.

I think this series of tweets and replies (from people I know in “real life” and some I’ve met only on Twitter) offers good examples of both.

Thursday afternoon, December 4

- kt_writes: just finished a conference call with two GREAT clients. now getting on the road to Chicago.

- kt_writes: on 57 north, reading the ridiculous guns save life “poems” the farmers like to display at the edge of their fields. (3:50 p.m. Dec. 4)

- kt_writes: stopped at mcdonalds to use the bathroom (herein lies my love-hate relationship w coffee) & they were blasting hip hop. took me by surprise.

- kt_writes: close enough to the Chicago loop to be down to 20 mph. heading straight for the “serious tower,” as the girls used to call it.

Wordydiva: Ha! Cody also.

Thursday evening, December 4

- kt_writes: hmm…it’s 21 degrees in the Windy City, and I want to do a bit of shopping. trying to decide how dedicated I am to the concept…

- kt_writes: I’ll never cease to be amazed by how bitter cold this city is, or by the # of people who refuse to wear hats.

nmp620: I used to be one of those people who refused to wear a hat.

- kt_writes: getting ready to go out, and I’m taking forever. in a stupid way, not a luxurious way.

- kt_writes: in some crazy, steamy piano bar w half of Chicago, everyone singing along to Dancing Queen. wow. I wasn’t ready for this.

nmp620: I have a piece of flair that reads: “I dream of a world where people spontaneously erupt into choruses of Dancing Queen.”

Thursday, after-hours, December 4 & 5

- kt_writes: moving on to the next place. the entire outdoors smells like chocolate, like someone organized a city-wide brownie bake-off.

Wordydiva: I bet I know kind of where you are…

smussyolay: i call it ‘the big cookie.’ i’m “in the big cookie.” it’s blommer’s.

smussyolay: it always makes me happy to be in the big cookie. actually, they were in trouble for chocolate air pollution!

kt_writes: aha! I don’t know how anyone who’s in that hood on a regular basis can stay thin. just breathing makes you crave chocolate.

- kt_writes: now eating fries & drinking a martini w blue cheese stuffed olives.

Friday morning, December 5

- kt_writes: SO hungry. J brought cereal & coffee up to the room. how lucky am I?

- kt_writes: bright, cold morning in Chicago. getting ready to head out for 2nd breakfast at the Bongo Room. yum.

nmp620: My old hood! I used to live at 1324 1/ N. Milwaukee. I’m sure it doesn’t exist or if it does, it’s probably no longer a rat hole.

Friday afternoon, December 5

- kt_writes: goodbye big city. back home, I go to a cafe to get some work done & see 5 people I know well. none of them are at the cafe together, either.

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  • Chuck

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours. What a neat idea and well done too.

  • Chris

    Oh, why was I not there with you? The warm weather in the south seems much colder when your friends aren’t around to share it with you. And after missing the trip to Chicago, your tag line seems to take on a new meaning when I think of it in literal terms. I find that I’m not truly here, and I’m certainly not there!

  • Kristin T.

    Thanks, Chuck! I’m sure you saw them coming across in real time, on Twitter, but they do take on a different feeling when pulled together as a story, with the replies, don’t they? And with photos, it’s even better. I just might have to go with this posting strategy again some time.

    Chris, we really did miss you. It wasn’t the same. One thing about being neither here nor there, though, is that sometimes it IS easier to “find yourself.” You know? (I’ve got all kinds of layered meanings going on in that tagline. Such a writer thing to pull, eh?!?)